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walkthetalkseries's podcast

Aug 30, 2019

Alexandra Rufatto-Perry shares her story - It's Not About The Kindness You Give. Alex, owner of Practically Speaking, LLC, is a highly-acclaimed motivational speaker, facilitator, and mentor. She blends her scientific approach to public speaking with her love of storytelling, laughter, and humor.

Aug 26, 2019

Dec. 8th, 2018 Walk the Talk presented the topic of Kindness & Generosity at the Basile Theater, downtown Indianapolis. We feel the world needs a whole lot more kindness and generosity. Here is Dr. McQueen's story of kindness and generosity, entitled "Kindness Can Change The World".

Nov 16, 2018

Andrea Stumpf is a writer, storyteller and creator of Cards4Humanity. She’s traveled from Israel to India studying yoga and other spiritual practices, spending 40 days in silence in the volcanic foothills of Guatemala and learning Mystical Dance in Thailand. She is creator of Cards4Humanity, a game of kindness...

Nov 16, 2018

Lindsey Vertner. As a personal development coach, Lindsey utilizes her “no excuses” coaching methods and unique perspective from a “fatal” car wreck to push her clients to success. As the co-founder of The Unleashed Woman, Lindsey helps to support and uplift women through empowerment events and...

Nov 16, 2018

Jai Maa is a non-denominational minister, workshop facilitator, and author of Break Through Your Threshold: A Manual for Faith-Based Manifestation and Co-Creating with God. She has lived and traveled the continental U.S. in her RV for the past five years with her cats, teaching others how to co-create their heart's...